Clojuresque 1.2.0 released

A new version of Clojuresque is released! Changes to v1.1.0:

  • warnOnReflection now configurable
  • aotCompile now configurable and off by default, see [discussion on the google group]aot
  • easy integration of Clojars and Hudson repositories
  • easy deployment to Clojars

The Parenophobes

Another idea on cutting down parentheses in Lisp (in particular Clojure). This somehow never dies… Can we ever get rid of this strawman?

Pointfree vs. Pointless

Pointfree style is a way to program in a functional programming language, where the programmer describes the program flow via composition and combination of functions and not by shuffling data around. It is claimed, that this leads to clearer, more elegant programs. But sometimes this way of programming is also called pointless. Some examples revisited...

with-meta and #^ – equivalent?

Clojure provides a set of reader macros which make life a little easier. They are basically short-hand notations for often used functions/macros. Here is a table:

Reader MacroExpansion
'x(quote x)
@x(deref x)
^x(meta x)
#(x)(fn [] (x))

The astute reader might already have noticed, that #^ is missing from the list. Isn't #^y x equivalent to (with-meta x y)?