The Missing Class Phenomenon (or Why the Build Tools are broken)

So you have your cool project, which you now want to move to the clojuresque plugin for Gradle. And suddenly your build is broken, because it cannot find a required class, you generate with gen-class. Building with ant works. So what is going on?

Clojuresque 1.1.0 released

I'd like to announce a new release of Clojuresque formerly known as clj-gradle. There not many changes, but some fixes. Namely:

  • compileClojure now fails, when compilation fails
  • compileClojure does not depend on compileJava anymore. The user can decide now.
  • one can specify warn-on-reflection on a per source set basis
  • one can change the source directory of a source set (was previously hardwired)
  • features a new nice name now :)

Taming the Bound Seq

On the Clojure group every once in a while someone posts a question concerning the interaction of binding and lazy sequences. Let's have a short look and what the problem is, why it arises and how a solution can be implemented.

Functional Programming in Vim

„Huh?“ you ask. Yes, it is actually possible to do functional programming in Vim. Of course this is not as convenient as in a language which is actually designed for functional programming like Haskell or Clojure. But nevertheless: it is possible!

Stopping Times and Laziness

A „Stopping Time“ is a certain type of random variable. Given a probability space with a filtration . A random variable , is called a „stopping time“ iff for all t.