Meikel Brandmeyer


My name is Meikel Brandmeyer. I'm a long-time clojurian and Clojure tool smith.

Tool chain

I maintained the “VimClojure” vim plugin for almost 4½ years before passing on the baton to “vim-fireplace.” I'm still maintaining the “Clojuresque” plugin for gradle to make Clojure a first class citizen in any gradle enabled build. I'm also working hard to get the “Scriptoresque” spin-off up and running which does the same for ClojureScript.


Since early 2013 I pass on my Clojure experience as a Clojure trainer. I regurlary organise public trainings with the support of the guys from λ→, but you can also hire me for custom in-house trainings.

Trainings werden auch in deutsch angeboten.


Twitter: @kotarak